I'm Counting UFOs

My name is Miles.

Life Update

An actual blog post. Haven’t done one in quite awhile, I’ve tried to keep myself from posting personal things on here, but I know some people stay up to date with me on tumblr since I never use Facebook. Anyways, I’m typing this on my phone as I’m San Francisco bound for school. It’s taken some time but I’m finally going to be there. I’m in a happy relationship with an awesome girl, and with fingers crossed, I hope the distance doesn’t ruin it. I’ve sold a couple designs on RedBubble so I’m actually feeling a sense of accomplishment with my career choice. Still playing League but I might be forced to take a break depending on the Internet quality in my dorm. I’ll probably still play Hearthstone. That’s pretty much the jist of it.

Here’s to a new chapter.